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finger surgery

5 Oct

well today was the day i got my finger fixed and it hurts like crazy … again i must reiterate do not attempt to cut your finger off with your rotary cutter … it sucks!  i’m glad now that my finger can heal properly though.  apparently they had to cut off about 1/4 inch of the tip of my finger.  so my finger will be shorter but not even my an entire knuckle length so it probably won’t be all that noticeable …i put a pic from before surgery in here cause i get a kick out of the fact i wanted mr bunny with me … yes i am a grown adult, but i have had this bunny since my first easter and over the last year when stevie was deployed i became accustom to sleeping with him and he brings comfort … and this is also the first major thing that i have been through without my mom being there … so mr bunny was standing in for my mom so to speak only he actually got to go into surgery with me 🙂  anyways now that i have totally made myself look like a huge dork onto regaining some respect lol …  i have been managing to keep sewing so far … i did take a day break today though because i was quite sleepy from the anesthesia till late this afternoon so i just slept quite a bit …

yesterday i did get quite a bit done cause i was anxious and couldn’t sleep so i kept sewing till like almost 4 am … I really like the bags i made too!these are pleated gift bags … they are little but would be great for little gifts this christmas season!

this is a purse i made out of two disappearing 9 block patches from the sweethearts charm pack I just got from missouri star quilt company. There are 3 pockets on the inside as well as a pocket on the front of the purse.  I love this bag and i will be sad when I sell it, but I will probably just buy more stuff to make myself one because I love it so much!  If you are interested it is for sale for $40 with free shipping within the US.

I also made a reversible bag late last night thats really cute but since i was so tired some of the stiching isn’t up to my standard to sell so darn i may just have to keep it for myself … my sisterinlaw erica really likes it though so i may give it to her for christmas … or just make another one with better stiching on it 🙂

ok wel my finger does still hurt and typing with just my right hand and my left thumb is getting a tad annoying now so i’m gonna sign off for now … but i did want to keep my updates up to date 🙂  so till next time … when using sharp objects do so carefully and don’t cut off body parts cause it sucks!