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Thanksgiving fun

27 Nov

So its been a busy few days for the Garcia family.  We have been spending our Thanksgiving weekend in Kansas City KS (well technically Overland Park but who outside of locals would know where that is?)  with my mom’s family.  The drive down was long but fortunately mostly uneventful. We did have a one challenge but it was minor … the driver’s side window in our van has an attitude and will occasionally not want to roll up after you roll it down.  Its power so we can’t just crank it up like you had to back in the day.  So I hadn’t driven our van in a while and when we stopped for dinner and went through the drive through (like usual … ugh ) I of course rolled down the window and wouldn’t ya know it decided to be a pain and not roll back up.  now this wouldn’t have been a huge deal had it been 70 degrees out but it was more like 35 and rainy … real fun for a window down on the interstate.  so my husband and I proceeded to help the window go up by pulling the physical window up for about 30 minutes and that at least got it up to the point where it was only open about 5 inches … I wanted to just get going at that point so it was tolerable with the heat on so we left and dealt with lots of road noise for the next couple hours till we stopped again and repeated the process and finally got it all the way up.  It was pretty annoying at the time (when I’m on a long drive I don’t like stopping much cause I just want to get there) but looking back at it there could have been much worse things that could have happened in the driving conditions we were in on one of the busiest travel days of the year!

I’m sure most of you have been spending time being thankful for what blessings you have in your life over the last few days and I have as well.  The biggest thing that comes to my mind this year is that I have my husband here with me to celebrate thanksgiving!  Last year he was celebrating across the world in the country of Iraq while he was serving our country in the Army.  We were able to use Skype to chat and have him participate in some family festivities but I am much more excited to have him here live and in person vs a cardboard cut out and a computer screen!  I’m also grateful that I have a fantastic family who all loves each other and gets along!  I have been very blessed to be brought up in a very close knit family who all loves and cares for each other.  That is becoming more and more rare this day in age and I don’t for a second take my blessings in that area for granted!  The list can go on forever but I’m sure you don’t want to read about my mushy feelings right now …


One note for those of you who have a link to my page saved (and if you don’t you should 😉 )  My brother in law has been working on getting my website for my shop all set up and my blog will be linked into it once everything is all set up and good to go … the link at that point is going to change to http://www.maggiesquiltnthreads.com  it will make it easier for people to remember and they don’t have to worry about the ‘wordpress’ when they type it in 🙂  and the best part is I can sell my creations on the page without fees from etsy!  I am also planning on having fabric for sale very soon!  If any of you have suggestions on the types of fabric or designers that you would be most interested in PLEASE let me know!  I’m very excited to have the ball rolling more on my shop and I’m looking forward to serving all of you out there in cyberland.  anyways once my site is up and running I will put up another post and let you know its all official so you can get it changed but for the mean time just know its coming 🙂

Well we are doing pictures this morning with Christian and my nieces and I need to go get Christian ready so I gotta run.  Hope you all have a great day!