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Does anyone else find themselves doing this?

23 Nov

So I have learned something about myself … I hoard fabrics that i really like … even if i bought it to make something for myself.  I had bought a Jelly Roll of “frolic” by Sandy Gervais and i LOVE IT!!!  I also had some yardage that I bought specifically for an apron out of the same line but I had some left over.  about a month and a half ago I started to make a purse for myself out of it but then didn’t get it finished the night I started (which is actually unusual cause i would rather stay up till 5am to finish something than leave it un finished … ) The next time I got it out to work on it I found myself not wanting to use up any more of the fabric I had left to finish it … Its just so pretty when you buy it … so long story short the purse and fabric stayed in my “to finish” drawer for a while.  I knew it was there so it wasn’t like i forgot about it like i have done with many projects in the past, but I just couldn’t bring myself to cut up the rest of the pretty fabric I had left … Does anyone else out there do this?  really?  I would love to hear from you if you do!  I’m sure there are those of you out there!

Well this weekend gave me the perfect excuse to finish my purse … I was at a conference for the weekend and on sunday when I had my pink purse under my chair someone who was sitting close to me spilt coffee and it got all over the bottom of my purse … its not a huge deal cause I can throw it in the wash (I love quilted purses for that reason!!!) but I hadn’t gotten there yet and I have been carrying the contents of my purse in a plastic laundry bag from the hotel we were in … and thats just not that cute if you ask me … or any other human being for that matter … so finally last night i forced myself to finish the purse and I had to tell myself over and over that I’m making something for myself so I’ll get to look at the fabric all the time 🙂  So here is the result of getting over my fabric hoarding for a night 🙂

When I was trying to take the picture of my purse Christian was trying to get in the picture … so I figured I would just take a picture with him holding it …

The pose was all him … I didn’t tell him to put his hand on his face … he is such a ham!  I love my buddy 🙂

Anyways That is the most recent project … I have done a few other things but I’m not sure how I’m going to reveal them yet … I created something for a friend of mine and its totally original and I haven’t decided if i’m going to try to publish a pattern or see what the process for getting a patent or something for it … but its really cool and everyone who saw it after I gave it to my friend LOVED it so i’m sure its going to be released soon 🙂

Well with that I’m off … I need to pack up my sewing room to take it with me on my thanksgiving road trip … my mom’s family gets together every year for thanksgiving thru the sunday after and celebrates thanksgiving and christmas together because her parents snowbird to florida … this year we are going to Kansas City and I have a TON of things I still need to get done so I’m just going to spend Friday sewing instead of shopping … I don’t really enjoy the shopping maddness all that much and I don’t really have anything i HAVE to get that day so I would just assume be productive than fight crazy people!  So with that I will talk to you all soon!

Remember don’t eat too much this week … you will regret it when the new year comes around and you feel like you have to loose all the pounds you put on! … oh wait I need to remember that one … sorry for the un asked for advise 😉



i love chop sticks … and not for eating!

18 Oct

The other night i was making some additional items for the craft sale that I have a booth at next week (its getting to crunch time and I don’t have nearly as much done as I want to get done) and I made a discovery and added a tool to my arsenal … chopsticks are fantastic for turning corners right side out!!!  I also started using that instead of my seam ripper to push fabric under my presser foot when it gets caught up because of thickness at the beginning of a seam … It is so much better … and safer for my fabrics too cause a cheap wooden chop stick isn’t going to poke a hole but a seam ripper can and has … boo … anyways … the project I put together were these nifty crayon rolls …

isn’t that cute!  is perfect for the little one (or adult in many cases) that wants to color on the go … just roll it up and put it in mom’s purse or child’s back pack and off you go!  and these were super simple to make … the thing that took the longest was drawing on the lines for the stitching and then the stitching of those lines … everything else was easy peasy … well that wasn’t hard but took time … anyways for those of you in the champaign area these will be at the christie clinic craft sale next week …

in other news i got to make my nieces matching dresses this week … the reason is sad … my brother in law’s grandmother passed away and the girls needed appropriate attire for the funeral services … but the dresses turned out fantastic!  and they as well were soooo easy … seriously i think a monkey could make these dresses … do you see a theme in my sewing … lol … really i do make some complicated things once in a while, but lately i’ve been erring on the easier side due to my finger … update on that later in the post … anyways the girls fit into them fantastically and looked adorable …

don’t they look so cute!  I don’t get to see them nearly enough and I got to see them last night when i dropped off the dresses and I had a blast holding Addy (the 4 month old) … she actually let me hold her and didn’t cry this time … now in my defense the only other two times I have held her she was fussy cause she was hungry and I can’t really do much about that … but I enjoyed my snuggles with her … and of course I also enjoyed some tickle wars with Izzy (the older sister who is 2) I am going to be more intentional about seeing them from now on … they just grow up so fast!!

So as promised a finger update … I have downgraded to a MUCH smaller bandage than before!!!  when I came out of surgery they had my finger to my wrist all wrapped up and i couldn’t even move my hand … it was really ridiculous!  late last week i said enough is enough … i don’t know if my doc would say if this is ok or not ok but its my finger and i’m makin this smaller … so now the bandage is only on my finger on the top half so i can actually bend my finger and USE MY HAND!!!!!!

it also makes showering easier cause i just put a finger cot over it and ha now i can wash my hair with two hands not just one cause i have the plastic thing all the way to my darn elbow … goodness i tell ya you don’t realize how much you use your finger till you don’t have use of it!  another HUGE bonus is the pain is totally gone … its been mostly gone for about a week now … it does however itch like crazy but at least thats cause its healing … i tell you what though i do not wish the bone pain i had after surgery on anyone!  if any of you out in blogland have ever had any bone injury or anything like that i’m sorry … i did get quite a bit of relief from the vicodin but of course that came with a lack of brain while i was on it!  there are chunks of time that i’m not really sure what happened … and whats sad is i wasn’t ever totally pain free … but now i am yay!!!!!!!!

oh one more fun thing before i go to the land of sleepytime … i started my day with a fantastic present waiting for me in the mail box …

YAY for fabric!!  I love my jelly rolls!  and i also got some holiday charm packs but they didn’t show up so well in the pic obviously lol … anyways i got these when i was on my way to meet up with a friend of mine who does alterations and other sewing adventures for a living and since i’m still what i would call in the learning phase (really i don’t think we ever get out of this phase … ) I wanted to pic her brain a bit about the different things she knew … it was a total blast and we learned from each other… i definitely learned more from her but she did say a couple times ‘man that is really smart i should try that’ so that made me feel good:)  anyways i really need to get some sleep cause i have a lot of things to make tomorrow to be ready for my sale so good night for now!

remember don’t cut off your finger because as Jera at http://www.QuiltingintheRain.com said this month (and every month really) is finger safety awareness month!

btw … thanks for the shout out Jera!