About Maggie’s Quilt N Threads

My name is Maggie Garcia and I am the owner of Maggie’s Quilt N Threads. The company is brand new and I am very excited to be sharing my products with you! I have a background in the military and as a stay at home mom. I no longer am in the military, but my husband is still in the army (that is where we met). While my husband was deployed to Iraq this last year I decided to teach myself how to sew and quilt and have been hooked ever since. I recently decided that I would start a business with my new found skill so that I don’t have to get a traditional job and I can stay home with my son while bringing in some income. So here I am!

In case you are wondering what I can sew or have sewn I can sew just about anything and have done quite a bit over the last year from quilts to clothing. Even if I haven’t made something yet I am excited to try it so if you want something either similar to something you see, or something that is totally different please just ask me! You can send me an email at maggiesquiltnthreads@gmail.com.  I am also in the process of getting my website set up and will update you all as soon as that is up and running.  In the mean time you can look up some of the things I have done that are not on my blog on Facebook.  Search maggie’s quilt n threads and it should come up 🙂
I do try to keep my photos here as up to date as possible, but I don’t always get everything up here so if there is something you are interested but don’t see please just ask! I absolutely love to do custom work for people! I feel it gives me an opportunity to make something special for the person that only they have and no one else does. I also love the challenge that a custom item can bring and it keeps things fresh and new.
Thanks so much for all of your support and I look forward to serving you!


Maggie Garcia


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