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Holiday fun and new place to live :)

6 Jan

Well Its been a while since I have put up a post … sorry ūüė¶ ¬†Things have been a little crazy around here this holiday season! ¬†I have spent lots of time with my family though so it has mostly been good time! ¬†There have been a few changes to what we thought our plans were going to be … but really isn’t that the way things always happen? ¬†Just when you think you have things under control a monkey wrench gets thrown into the gears and things go all wonky. ¬†Anyways Steven and I’s original plan was go stay with his parents till the middle of March and then find a place in the Chi-town area and go to school and work part time jobs to supplement the GI Bill. ¬†Well that has since changed. ¬†For reasons I don’t care to go into we aren’t staying with his parents and have decided to move to the central Illinois area and go to school one night per week in the burbs (since things are already set up there and its too late to change it all to down state schools). ¬†So now we have been on the hunt for a place in the fabulous town of Champaign. ¬†One thing is for sure about this town and that is it is MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper to live than the burbs!!! ¬†We are going to get a house with twice the space as our previous apartments for less money … and not just a little less … like 2/3ds of the payment for rent!!!! ¬† I think the house is uber cute too … the yard is really big because its on a corner lot! ¬†the privacy fence on the side of the house doesn’t go all the way around to enclose the yard right now but the land lord plans on doing that once the ground thaws and its not so cold out side … i told him i was right there with him on not wanting to dig in frozen ground! ¬†the place has 3 bedrooms which is a step up from our 2 bedroom places of the past and there is a family room and living room as well as a dining room … the family room will likely be a toy/play room for christian since the bedrooms are a little on the smaller size and then we will have our ‘adult’ area and ‘kid’ areas separate which is nice! the kitchen is also really nice! ¬†it has nice cabinets and a flat top electric range. ¬†there is also an appliance garage which is fantastic cause i hate tones of clutter and crap on my counters that doesn’t have to be! ¬†anyways over all i’m really excited about our new place! ¬† the location is great too cause we are walking distance from the main pool/water slide in town as well as a huge park and a petting zoo … there is also a big empty lot across the street that is big enough to play a game of football in … so there is plenty of space for christian to run around and burn off some of the never ending preschool energy that he seems to always have. ¬†now i need to think about all of the things i will need to make to get the place looking nice and homey … i’m already throwing ideas around in my head for a welcome banner for my door with a valentine theme since we are moving in before valentines day. ¬†well thats it for now i gotta run and get some stuff done since the list is really long now that we are moving in less than a month! ¬†hopefully i’ll be better about putting up things i’m working on!


oh and one more note … i officially named my new ‘old’ sewing machine. ¬†her name is Bertha … I feel this is very fitting for her because she is big and tough and strong but yet she is still a girl … and Bertha just seems like a strong name … anyways thats it for now … talk to you all soon!!!