new machine i think … santa please?!

4 Dec

so i have been having some troubles with my darn sewing machine the last few weeks … the tension has been crazy wacky no matter what setting i put it on … it has an auto setting but that is a huge joke … the darn thing cant decide if it wants to be to tight or too loose all in the same group of stitching … i’ve been trying everything from the first obvious changing the needle and then taking it off the auto tension setting and trying different settings … but it still isn’t consistent even if it is too loose or tight its not consistent at all within the setting … its obnoxious … i was managing not too bad because the majority of the sewing i was doing the stitches were hidden and i made sure that the stitches were still somewhat normal but then last night it started skipping stitches all over the place out of nowhere … not just a couple here and there like 6-8 at a time and then 6-8 normal stitches then skipping another 6-8 strait stitches … so i tried cleaning out the lent again and doing everything the book said except giving it oil cause i didn’t have any and still no dice … so i stopped before the night before i got too upset and knew that i would have to get some oil today and see if that helped.  so after i got home from army stuff with my hubby i got some oil at the store (sewing machine oil of course) and went to it and got even more of the lent cleaned out and got yet a knew needle and started on a test quilt sandwich to see if that made any difference at all … and nope its getting worse yet … i thought maybe i just needed to sew a little to get the oil worked in but even after some sewing it still was being defiant … so i may take it in to the shop, but i’m going to call first to see what they think it is and how much it would cost … apparently just the yearly tune up for my machine since it is a computerized machine is like $90 and i only paid 200 for it … so i really don’t want to spend as much as i did on the machine to get it up and running … i would rather just upgrade because i have LONG outgrown this machine … and even though i have only had it for a year i have put a lot of miles on it!  i would say i on average spend 40+ hours easy in my sewing room so it has got lots of use … i’m not sure what i’m going to do with myself till i get it either fixed or get a new one … maybe i’ll finish the hand quilting on the one quilt thats been on my WIP list for over 8 months …. hmmm thats an idea … i dunno …. i am honestly just sad that my machine is not cooperating because i have so many things that i want to/need to work on for Christmas … we’ll just have to see what happens … maybe my people will get pictures of what i’m going to make them when i get my machine for christmas instead of the actual finished gift … we’ll see … oh well i should probably start some real research on whats out there and figure out what i have to have and what i want on a machine so this is all for tonight … more updates to come soon i hope!




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