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My ‘new’ machine thats 52 years old :)

17 Dec

So I have the coolest ‘new’ toy!  My aunt and uncle had a sewing machine that was my great grandmothers.  My uncle originally had intentions of teaching himself to sew on it, but since has come to the conclusion that life is too busy and he wasn’t going to make the time for it.  Fortunately for me they wanted to give family the opportunity to take it off their hands before they just gave it away to someone random.  So I now have my great grandmother’s 52 year old Pfaff 23o Automatic!  and its in a cabinet that is in perfect shape, like not a scratch on it!

Christian insisted on being in the photo when I took it so you get to see him as well as my new machine.  I have been having a really good time going through all of my great grandma’s stuff that came with it.  She kept EVERYTHING!  My mom told me today that this isn’t an isolated time she kept everything but it was with everything.  She told me when Grandma passed away there were tons of twist ties and rubber bands that had accumulated over the years that they had to throw out!   Now my grandma grew up during the depression so I am not surprised by this at all and frankly I have been quite enjoying what I’ve been finding.  Since she kept everything she of course had the manual (which is good cause I wouldn’t have a clue how to use this without it!) but she also kept the original “certificate of lifetime guarantee” that came with the machine.

This is how I figured out how old the machine is.  The thing that has blown me away the most is the features this machine has!  It does more than my singer confidence (don’t know the model off the top of my head but its computerized with maybe 30 built in stitches) My Grandparents didn’t hold out when they bought it either!  They got the automatic so it does TONS of decorative stitches on its own!  now it takes more than pushing a button because its not computerized, but there is a handy wheel that came with it that I can line up the stitch I want and it tells me which settings I put each dial on the machine on to get the desired stitch!  It also has a function to have the needle either stop in the up or down position (my machine doesn’t do that and it irritates the crap out of me that it doesn’t) a needle threader, it can drop the feed dogs, it can use a twin needle, and it came standard with TONS of feet!!!  I’m so excited to get it all up and running!  Of course I’m going to have it serviced before I try to do anything with it because I don’t want to break anything, but I fully anticipate using this as my primary machine!  I also saw some videos on youtube showing it sewing through some really tough stuff … well the same model anyways.  It can sew through 8 layers of denim, multiple layers of leather etc.  I’m really happy!  I’ve pretty much felt like a kid in a candy store since I got it home late last night!  Well I really should get some sleep so I’m off for tonight but I’ll be back soon 🙂  Hopefully with a project I have made with my ‘new’ machine 🙂

Happy Crafting!




No sew craft fun

11 Dec

Well I still haven’t fixed or replaced my sewing machine yet and I don’t get my sisters from her till early next week so there haven’t been any new sewn projects this past week … however I couldn’t help myself and I had to make something so I found a fantastic tutorial on the Missouri Star Quilt Company website, the link to the youtube video is   It is how to make decorative plates out of modge podge, fabric and a clear glass plate.  its super easy and fun.  here is my result:

I think they may end up being gifts with fudge or cookies on them … not sure yet.  These really were super simple!  If you watch the tutorial you see that because she makes 2 or 3 in a 12 minute video … of course you have to give time for them to dry, but that isn’t hard.  I’m definitely going to make some of these out of other fabric … probably valentines because thats another cookie time of year 🙂

I do have to admit that it has been rough not being able to sew anything … I had no idea how much I used my machine till I can’t use it!  I did get to try out my friend Tressa’s Janome machine and it was amazing!  She doesn’t have a ton of fancy things on it or anything just the basic stitches, but it is quiet and smooth and feeds the fabric so well!  it doesn’t shake or anything like my machine did when i stitched too quickly … I think I’m going to check the Janome’s out first when I get my check from ‘Santa’ to go shopping … If any of you out there have any tips or suggestions on a good machine PLEASE let me know!

Well my hubby wants me to put the computer down and spend some time with him so I should go but you all should try to stay warm and dry … we have a winter storm headed our way so I will probably be inside for a bit 🙂  Have a good one!


Vendor Fair in Lindenhurst, IL

5 Dec

I forgot to mention in my last couple posts but I’m going to be in a vendor fair at the Lindenhurst Park District in Lindenhurst IL tomorrow.  We will be in the gym and it starts at 1130 and goes till 3:30.  If you are in the area you should come by and say hi!  I would love to meet you:)



new machine i think … santa please?!

4 Dec

so i have been having some troubles with my darn sewing machine the last few weeks … the tension has been crazy wacky no matter what setting i put it on … it has an auto setting but that is a huge joke … the darn thing cant decide if it wants to be to tight or too loose all in the same group of stitching … i’ve been trying everything from the first obvious changing the needle and then taking it off the auto tension setting and trying different settings … but it still isn’t consistent even if it is too loose or tight its not consistent at all within the setting … its obnoxious … i was managing not too bad because the majority of the sewing i was doing the stitches were hidden and i made sure that the stitches were still somewhat normal but then last night it started skipping stitches all over the place out of nowhere … not just a couple here and there like 6-8 at a time and then 6-8 normal stitches then skipping another 6-8 strait stitches … so i tried cleaning out the lent again and doing everything the book said except giving it oil cause i didn’t have any and still no dice … so i stopped before the night before i got too upset and knew that i would have to get some oil today and see if that helped.  so after i got home from army stuff with my hubby i got some oil at the store (sewing machine oil of course) and went to it and got even more of the lent cleaned out and got yet a knew needle and started on a test quilt sandwich to see if that made any difference at all … and nope its getting worse yet … i thought maybe i just needed to sew a little to get the oil worked in but even after some sewing it still was being defiant … so i may take it in to the shop, but i’m going to call first to see what they think it is and how much it would cost … apparently just the yearly tune up for my machine since it is a computerized machine is like $90 and i only paid 200 for it … so i really don’t want to spend as much as i did on the machine to get it up and running … i would rather just upgrade because i have LONG outgrown this machine … and even though i have only had it for a year i have put a lot of miles on it!  i would say i on average spend 40+ hours easy in my sewing room so it has got lots of use … i’m not sure what i’m going to do with myself till i get it either fixed or get a new one … maybe i’ll finish the hand quilting on the one quilt thats been on my WIP list for over 8 months …. hmmm thats an idea … i dunno …. i am honestly just sad that my machine is not cooperating because i have so many things that i want to/need to work on for Christmas … we’ll just have to see what happens … maybe my people will get pictures of what i’m going to make them when i get my machine for christmas instead of the actual finished gift … we’ll see … oh well i should probably start some real research on whats out there and figure out what i have to have and what i want on a machine so this is all for tonight … more updates to come soon i hope!