Back to creating :)

17 Nov

well after a weekend away from home and little time the previous week sewing, I am finally back in the swing of things with creating.  I must admit i felt quite lost being away from my sewing machine for so long.  whats really scary is I have quite a list of things I need to get done and not much time on my schedule to get them done!  I’m going to be gone for a long weekend again this weekend and then next week is thanksgiving!!!  I can’t believe its going to be officially Christmas season soon!  Even though Christmas stuff is EVERYWHERE already I try to not think of it as the ‘Christmas Season’ till after thanksgiving.  I think from now on I’m going to have to adjust my thinking since I’m in the business of selling and creating things … oh well….

speaking of creating … well still that is … I have been getting things done 🙂  I finished 2 purses for friends of mine … they have been on my list for a long time and i’m very glad i got them done!  I also got 2 activity bags made for my friends daughters.

I have also been working on an organizer for another friend of mine to go in her purse … thats been a little more complicated but its been a fun process.  Its a totally original design and I hope to get a pattern available at some point once i work out all of the bugs and get it the way i want it.   Once its ready for purchase I will let you all know 🙂  I will also get photos of the organizer up soon as well … its not quite done yet so you will just have to wait and see … 🙂

On a follow up note from my last post … Steven and I had a wonderful weekend at our marriage conference!  We both learned a ton of stuff and now we are doing our best to apply them … of course that is always the tough part though 😉  Many of the things we heard at the weekend we had heard before, but from a different perspective so it was great to hear things a little differently!

Well thats all for now I need to get some sleep.  Goodnight Bloggland


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