Weekend to Remember

12 Nov

Well this weekend is going to be a fun weekend for my hubby and I.  We are going to a marriage conference called A Weekend to remember put on by Family LIfe.  My parents and grandparents decided that after my hubby was gone for a year on his deployment to iraq it was probably a good thing for us to go to a conference to help us learn how to have a healthy marriage again … and I agree … if you haven’t ever had a spouse away for that long its hard to explain, but I had no idea how much things would change and how difficult the adjustments would be.  don’t get me wrong i’m not complaining i’m just stating how it is … I have had a pretty good attitude about it and realize that its all a part of our journey through this life, but its been more than i expected.  so thanks mom and dad and grandma and grandpa for the gift  it is much appreciated!  and i’m sure i’ll be even more grateful after the weekend!

as far as the sewing and quilting has been going for me its been slow 😦  i was out of town for a 5 day weekend (friday through tuesday night) last weekend and now i’m out of town again so i only have spent one day in my sewing room over the last week … its tragic i know … though i did manage to get some stuff done … i finally finished 2 purses that have been on my to do list for a LONG LONG time … like middle of the year long time … so i am very glad that i have gotten them done!  now i just need to get them in the mail!  oops i guess that will have to wait till monday …

so needless to say i’m missing my sewing machine, but i have been thinking up a bunch of ideas for gifts for christmas etc and i very much look forward to working on them!  well for now i need to go cause i have to get ready for our first session tonight 🙂  have a good one everyone!


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