Fall is here …

5 Nov

Well as much as I hate to admit Fall is here.  That means not just cold temperatures but also Thanksgiving is around the corner!  I felt it necessary to make a wall hanging for the season …

The dowel rod isn’t the prettiest so i’ll be changing that soon but I wanted to get this hung up soon since its going to be thanksgiving before we know it!

I also have been busy making other things as well (really would I just work on one thing … nope … )  My mother in law’s birthday was last month and she had been wanting me to make her a purse that she saw at a local quilt shop so I got around to makin it for her birthday … even though it was a little late …

This bag was fun to make, though I was following a pattern so it wasn’t as fun as something I designed by myself … but I really enjoy the way it turned out!  I was particularly surprised at how much I LOVE the fabric I used … it is ‘butterfly garden’ by Kansas Troubles … I typically am not drawn to this designer, but my mother in law specifically wanted this color scheme so of course I got what she wanted … but after working with it I LOVE this line and color combination!  the pattern was not too difficult but of course it took longer to put together since i wasn’t just putting something together out of my head … I don’t particularly like using patterns … actually i don’t like using them at all … I like to look at a finished produce and reverse engineer it … maybe thats just the way i learned and so its easier for me that way, but it is what it is … I am in the process of making a bag with this pattern for another friend of mine but instead of using a jelly roll I have 6 different fabrics so there will be some repeats in the fabric colors … i’ll put up a picture of it once it is done …

Finger Update

well my finger is almost totally healed … the finger nail fell off last night (well i pulled it off cause it was almost off)  and its already growing back … and the open part on the side of my finger is almost totally healed up … there is just a small scab that is left!  the sensation is still strange but i think thats going to be permanent since i did nerve damage but i have been getting used to it … the way it looks is almost normal now too … well about as normal as it is going to look anyways … i have full use of it now and as long as i don’t smack it on anything it doesn’t hurt … of course if i smack it on stuff it hurts, but it would hurt even if i didn’t cut the tip off …

one more thing before I wrap up for today I  will be in a vendor fair in Lindenhurst Park Dist. gym (Lindenhurst IL) on Dec 6th from 11-4 Please stop by and see what I have to offer if you are in the area! I would love to see who all reads my blog and meet them in person!  I am sure some of you are out of state but if there are any of you in the Chicagoland area i would LOVE to meet you!!!  I’ll be putting up reminders on here from time to time till the event as well.

I think thats all for now … Hope all is well with everyone!

Remember don’t eat all of your halloween candy at once … it will give you a tummy ache!


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