Craft Show …

27 Oct

Well sorry it’s been so long since I have put up a post its been a little crazy around here … I was working on getting things ready for a craft show at my mom’s work that is going on today and tomorrow (tuesday and wednesday … i’m still up from tuesday surprise surprise)  There were a couple nights that I sewed all night long with only a few hours to sleep … and one night i actually purposely took a nap on the floor in my sewing room so that i would make sure that i didn’t sleep too long … that was a crazy night but i did get a ton done!  anyways the work part of it is done now thank goodness!  Now I’m just going to see how the stuff sells … today was a really slow day from what the gals said but i did sell at least one purse and a crayon roll by the time i had come in to check things out so thats at least a start!  I’m hoping that they have a much bigger turn out of people tomorrow though!  next on the agenda is all of the projects that i had put on the back burner till after the craft show … and there is still an order of priority there too … goodness i think i will always have a list of stuff that i need to make … here’s just a few items on the list for now … my son’s halloween candy tote (i’m super excited about the charm pack i got for this!) a purse for my friend Tressa, a purse for my friend Rose, a gadget organizer for my friend Rebecca and the list goes one … there are also a couple quilts tutorials that i saw over at mood bake shop that I want to make with the Blush layer cakes that I still have in my drawers begging me to make something out of them … i just have such a hard time cutting it up and using it because it is so pretty … and its my favorite line ever and its been gone from the stores for a while now 😦  anyways hopefully I’ll have a little more time to be putting up posts more regularly now since the craziness is over … well that category of craziness anyways … i’m sure it will come back somewhere else ….

Finger update

I had a follow up appointment with my surgeon for my finger last friday and i officially can leave the bandage off of my finger now!!! yay!!! he also wants me to use it so that the sensitivity lessens over time … that was a little tough the first few days and i had to ease into not having a bandaid on it because it was so sensitive, but now i’m typing away with no bandage what soever and it doesn’t hurt at all!  it does feel really strange though … there is one part of my finger where they had taken the skin from the side/top of my finger and pulled it over to the other side of my finger (kinda like a comb over but with skin not hair) and when i touch things with that part of my finger it feels like i’m touching the top of my finger and the side of the finger at the same time because of the way the nerves are … its really strange!!  at least its not pain though!  i’ll take strange over pain any day of the week!  I also took one of the stitches out today (well technically my mom did cause i couldn’t get to it myself) and that has also made it less annoying … the only thing the stitch was holding on was some dead skin and a scab that was ugly … so as soon as the stitch was gone i got the scab and skin off of there and it feels much better and looks much better as well … anyways i think thats enough about my silly finger lol …

so its been getting colder here and that means that the leaves are falling … i thought i would put up this picture of my son who decided it would be fun to get buried in the leaves … he is such a goof but i have to admit i do remember doing the exact thing when i was a kid …anyways thetas about all for now … i’m kinda tired so i may try to sleep some … hope you all are enjoying the last few days of warm fall days before it starts to get cold!!!


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