rotary cutting injury … i don’t recommend trying this …

3 Oct

well again its been a little bit since my last post … I have a better reason than laziness this time though i promise.  When I was making some cosmetic bags on Thursday night I slipped while trimming the blocks and I cut the tip of my finger off … not fun!  so after a few hours in the ER and then a trip to the orthopedic surgeon on friday we came tot he conclusion that I need surgery on tuesday because i nicked the bone … goodness … I guess I have always said that if i do something I do it all the way … fortunately the orthopedic surgeon made the bandage a little less obnoxious and gave me back the use  of 4 of my 5 fingers on my left hand.  it is still a little bit of a challenge to do stuff … not to mention for me not to be in huge amounts of pain I have to be doped up on vicodin which makes me loopy and sleepy … but it does take away the pain … long story short be VERY VERY VERY careful when using rotary cutters.  I will be investing in the steel reinforced gloves to protect myself from doing this again!  I have attached photos at the bottom so if you don’t want to see them be careful … I think the photos are cool looking but thats just me and its my finger … so if you have a weak stomach beware 😉

I have kept sewing a little bit but i have to do things a little different than normal since i can’t use my left index finger … and i have to take breaks more frequently than normal because i get sore pretty easily, but as long as i’m not too doped up i have been able to make some stuff.  I keep photos current on Facebook so if you want feel free to look there … if we aren’t friends just request me and i’ll add you 🙂  I will try to keep photos here too, but its super easy to add them to fb from my phone.  anyways my finger is tired and typing is challenging so thats all for now … i’ll keep you updated as things progress 😉


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