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Day out with my buddy

30 Oct

Well today I’m spending the day with just Christian … Stevie is out and so is Esther so christian and I went to Peru for some fun. First we stopped at heaven on earth for me, D’s sewing center and quilt shop … I am gonna make a Dresden plate turkey wall hanging for thanksgiving and a purse for Esther for her birthday and I needed fabric for it. Of course I didn’t want to leave but our next stop was the mall playground for Christian … This was fantastic leverage for good behavior at the quilt shop 🙂 now we are at the mall and getting hungry so it’s time for lunch so I think is gonna be a short post today but I will post pics of the projects I make tonight as soon as I get them done 🙂


Craft Show …

27 Oct

Well sorry it’s been so long since I have put up a post its been a little crazy around here … I was working on getting things ready for a craft show at my mom’s work that is going on today and tomorrow (tuesday and wednesday … i’m still up from tuesday surprise surprise)  There were a couple nights that I sewed all night long with only a few hours to sleep … and one night i actually purposely took a nap on the floor in my sewing room so that i would make sure that i didn’t sleep too long … that was a crazy night but i did get a ton done!  anyways the work part of it is done now thank goodness!  Now I’m just going to see how the stuff sells … today was a really slow day from what the gals said but i did sell at least one purse and a crayon roll by the time i had come in to check things out so thats at least a start!  I’m hoping that they have a much bigger turn out of people tomorrow though!  next on the agenda is all of the projects that i had put on the back burner till after the craft show … and there is still an order of priority there too … goodness i think i will always have a list of stuff that i need to make … here’s just a few items on the list for now … my son’s halloween candy tote (i’m super excited about the charm pack i got for this!) a purse for my friend Tressa, a purse for my friend Rose, a gadget organizer for my friend Rebecca and the list goes one … there are also a couple quilts tutorials that i saw over at mood bake shop that I want to make with the Blush layer cakes that I still have in my drawers begging me to make something out of them … i just have such a hard time cutting it up and using it because it is so pretty … and its my favorite line ever and its been gone from the stores for a while now 😦  anyways hopefully I’ll have a little more time to be putting up posts more regularly now since the craziness is over … well that category of craziness anyways … i’m sure it will come back somewhere else ….

Finger update

I had a follow up appointment with my surgeon for my finger last friday and i officially can leave the bandage off of my finger now!!! yay!!! he also wants me to use it so that the sensitivity lessens over time … that was a little tough the first few days and i had to ease into not having a bandaid on it because it was so sensitive, but now i’m typing away with no bandage what soever and it doesn’t hurt at all!  it does feel really strange though … there is one part of my finger where they had taken the skin from the side/top of my finger and pulled it over to the other side of my finger (kinda like a comb over but with skin not hair) and when i touch things with that part of my finger it feels like i’m touching the top of my finger and the side of the finger at the same time because of the way the nerves are … its really strange!!  at least its not pain though!  i’ll take strange over pain any day of the week!  I also took one of the stitches out today (well technically my mom did cause i couldn’t get to it myself) and that has also made it less annoying … the only thing the stitch was holding on was some dead skin and a scab that was ugly … so as soon as the stitch was gone i got the scab and skin off of there and it feels much better and looks much better as well … anyways i think thats enough about my silly finger lol …

so its been getting colder here and that means that the leaves are falling … i thought i would put up this picture of my son who decided it would be fun to get buried in the leaves … he is such a goof but i have to admit i do remember doing the exact thing when i was a kid …anyways thetas about all for now … i’m kinda tired so i may try to sleep some … hope you all are enjoying the last few days of warm fall days before it starts to get cold!!!

i love chop sticks … and not for eating!

18 Oct

The other night i was making some additional items for the craft sale that I have a booth at next week (its getting to crunch time and I don’t have nearly as much done as I want to get done) and I made a discovery and added a tool to my arsenal … chopsticks are fantastic for turning corners right side out!!!  I also started using that instead of my seam ripper to push fabric under my presser foot when it gets caught up because of thickness at the beginning of a seam … It is so much better … and safer for my fabrics too cause a cheap wooden chop stick isn’t going to poke a hole but a seam ripper can and has … boo … anyways … the project I put together were these nifty crayon rolls …

isn’t that cute!  is perfect for the little one (or adult in many cases) that wants to color on the go … just roll it up and put it in mom’s purse or child’s back pack and off you go!  and these were super simple to make … the thing that took the longest was drawing on the lines for the stitching and then the stitching of those lines … everything else was easy peasy … well that wasn’t hard but took time … anyways for those of you in the champaign area these will be at the christie clinic craft sale next week …

in other news i got to make my nieces matching dresses this week … the reason is sad … my brother in law’s grandmother passed away and the girls needed appropriate attire for the funeral services … but the dresses turned out fantastic!  and they as well were soooo easy … seriously i think a monkey could make these dresses … do you see a theme in my sewing … lol … really i do make some complicated things once in a while, but lately i’ve been erring on the easier side due to my finger … update on that later in the post … anyways the girls fit into them fantastically and looked adorable …

don’t they look so cute!  I don’t get to see them nearly enough and I got to see them last night when i dropped off the dresses and I had a blast holding Addy (the 4 month old) … she actually let me hold her and didn’t cry this time … now in my defense the only other two times I have held her she was fussy cause she was hungry and I can’t really do much about that … but I enjoyed my snuggles with her … and of course I also enjoyed some tickle wars with Izzy (the older sister who is 2) I am going to be more intentional about seeing them from now on … they just grow up so fast!!

So as promised a finger update … I have downgraded to a MUCH smaller bandage than before!!!  when I came out of surgery they had my finger to my wrist all wrapped up and i couldn’t even move my hand … it was really ridiculous!  late last week i said enough is enough … i don’t know if my doc would say if this is ok or not ok but its my finger and i’m makin this smaller … so now the bandage is only on my finger on the top half so i can actually bend my finger and USE MY HAND!!!!!!

it also makes showering easier cause i just put a finger cot over it and ha now i can wash my hair with two hands not just one cause i have the plastic thing all the way to my darn elbow … goodness i tell ya you don’t realize how much you use your finger till you don’t have use of it!  another HUGE bonus is the pain is totally gone … its been mostly gone for about a week now … it does however itch like crazy but at least thats cause its healing … i tell you what though i do not wish the bone pain i had after surgery on anyone!  if any of you out in blogland have ever had any bone injury or anything like that i’m sorry … i did get quite a bit of relief from the vicodin but of course that came with a lack of brain while i was on it!  there are chunks of time that i’m not really sure what happened … and whats sad is i wasn’t ever totally pain free … but now i am yay!!!!!!!!

oh one more fun thing before i go to the land of sleepytime … i started my day with a fantastic present waiting for me in the mail box …

YAY for fabric!!  I love my jelly rolls!  and i also got some holiday charm packs but they didn’t show up so well in the pic obviously lol … anyways i got these when i was on my way to meet up with a friend of mine who does alterations and other sewing adventures for a living and since i’m still what i would call in the learning phase (really i don’t think we ever get out of this phase … ) I wanted to pic her brain a bit about the different things she knew … it was a total blast and we learned from each other… i definitely learned more from her but she did say a couple times ‘man that is really smart i should try that’ so that made me feel good:)  anyways i really need to get some sleep cause i have a lot of things to make tomorrow to be ready for my sale so good night for now!

remember don’t cut off your finger because as Jera at said this month (and every month really) is finger safety awareness month!

btw … thanks for the shout out Jera!

post surgery finger and another bag …

7 Oct

so last night i decided that one and a half days of no sewing was enough and I wanted to make another bag for my weekend trip … so here it is … and the other side of the bag is at the bottom of the post … its reversible 🙂  the water bottle pocket is my favorite feature of the bag, but it was the biggest pain in the tush to figure out but now that i have done it once i think i can do it easier next time … and who knows maybe one of these projects that i put up here i may just do a tutorial for 😉  anyways … on to more exciting things … kinda … my finger is quite sore after the surgery!  the doc had to cut down part of the bone by about 1/4 inch and that doesn’t feel so good, but the good news is that its going to look pretty normal.  I had a follow up with the doc to change the dressing today and of course i took pictures!  I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect other than what Steven had told me which was it was going to be shorter and the fingernail was moved … so here is the big reveal …

here it looks pretty normal it just looks a little goobered up which makes me quite happy … you can tell that he moved the fingernail a little but only if you look really closely …

here you can see the finger compared to the rest of my hand and it really doesn’t look much shorter to me at all yay!  if anyone needs anything done with their hands (or any orthopedics for that matter) i highly recommend Dr Paul Saur with rezin orthopedics … he is really great!  seriously though I can get you his info cause he did a fantastic job and his staff is also very wonderful and friendly.  My entire experience (minus the actual cutting off of my finger of course) has been fantastic!  anyways …

thats about all i have for now and my dad wants his air card back (we are at my parents place tonight) so i need to get of the computer but i’ll give you all another update after this weekend !  hope you all have a safe one!

finger surgery

5 Oct

well today was the day i got my finger fixed and it hurts like crazy … again i must reiterate do not attempt to cut your finger off with your rotary cutter … it sucks!  i’m glad now that my finger can heal properly though.  apparently they had to cut off about 1/4 inch of the tip of my finger.  so my finger will be shorter but not even my an entire knuckle length so it probably won’t be all that noticeable …i put a pic from before surgery in here cause i get a kick out of the fact i wanted mr bunny with me … yes i am a grown adult, but i have had this bunny since my first easter and over the last year when stevie was deployed i became accustom to sleeping with him and he brings comfort … and this is also the first major thing that i have been through without my mom being there … so mr bunny was standing in for my mom so to speak only he actually got to go into surgery with me 🙂  anyways now that i have totally made myself look like a huge dork onto regaining some respect lol …  i have been managing to keep sewing so far … i did take a day break today though because i was quite sleepy from the anesthesia till late this afternoon so i just slept quite a bit …

yesterday i did get quite a bit done cause i was anxious and couldn’t sleep so i kept sewing till like almost 4 am … I really like the bags i made too!these are pleated gift bags … they are little but would be great for little gifts this christmas season!

this is a purse i made out of two disappearing 9 block patches from the sweethearts charm pack I just got from missouri star quilt company. There are 3 pockets on the inside as well as a pocket on the front of the purse.  I love this bag and i will be sad when I sell it, but I will probably just buy more stuff to make myself one because I love it so much!  If you are interested it is for sale for $40 with free shipping within the US.

I also made a reversible bag late last night thats really cute but since i was so tired some of the stiching isn’t up to my standard to sell so darn i may just have to keep it for myself … my sisterinlaw erica really likes it though so i may give it to her for christmas … or just make another one with better stiching on it 🙂

ok wel my finger does still hurt and typing with just my right hand and my left thumb is getting a tad annoying now so i’m gonna sign off for now … but i did want to keep my updates up to date 🙂  so till next time … when using sharp objects do so carefully and don’t cut off body parts cause it sucks!

rotary cutting injury … i don’t recommend trying this …

3 Oct

well again its been a little bit since my last post … I have a better reason than laziness this time though i promise.  When I was making some cosmetic bags on Thursday night I slipped while trimming the blocks and I cut the tip of my finger off … not fun!  so after a few hours in the ER and then a trip to the orthopedic surgeon on friday we came tot he conclusion that I need surgery on tuesday because i nicked the bone … goodness … I guess I have always said that if i do something I do it all the way … fortunately the orthopedic surgeon made the bandage a little less obnoxious and gave me back the use  of 4 of my 5 fingers on my left hand.  it is still a little bit of a challenge to do stuff … not to mention for me not to be in huge amounts of pain I have to be doped up on vicodin which makes me loopy and sleepy … but it does take away the pain … long story short be VERY VERY VERY careful when using rotary cutters.  I will be investing in the steel reinforced gloves to protect myself from doing this again!  I have attached photos at the bottom so if you don’t want to see them be careful … I think the photos are cool looking but thats just me and its my finger … so if you have a weak stomach beware 😉

I have kept sewing a little bit but i have to do things a little different than normal since i can’t use my left index finger … and i have to take breaks more frequently than normal because i get sore pretty easily, but as long as i’m not too doped up i have been able to make some stuff.  I keep photos current on Facebook so if you want feel free to look there … if we aren’t friends just request me and i’ll add you 🙂  I will try to keep photos here too, but its super easy to add them to fb from my phone.  anyways my finger is tired and typing is challenging so thats all for now … i’ll keep you updated as things progress 😉