Black and White and Red all over …

29 Sep

And no I’m not talking about the news paper.  I made a handful of tops yesterday and two were table runners with a black and white charm pack I have had for a while.  I made one with white and one with red.  I really like the way they both turned out, and they look so different with just the change in background color! I decided to wait on the quilting of them because I woke up sore from quilting the let it snow wall hangings the other night … I forgot that when you free motion quilt you use muscles that you don’t use when strait stitching … and I need to do more of it so that I get used to it.  Speaking of the let it snow wall hangings, when I was finishing them up I tried something that I saw on someone else’s blog … I wish I knew where I saw it, but I don’t remember … sorry 😦  I saw someone take the hair clips that snap back and forth into place and use those to hold the binding into place … now this may be common practice in the quilting community, but I hadn’t heard of it till just recently … but it works like a charm!  and added bonus you don’t have to worry about those loose pins floating around to poke yourself or step on!!! I also made some place mats (minus the quilting still) that turned out pretty cute.  I decided to go through my boxes of random fabric and I found some super cute fat quarters that I forgot about and so I made some strips and tossed them together real quick.  One more fun thing that I did yesterday was have my first ‘alterations’ job.  The girl who lives across the street needed cups sewn into her homecoming dress.  The dress is beautiful!  It wasn’t too difficult to do either … and it is fun to have that added to my list of things I have done/can do. Well thats about all for now … I’ll check in next time I have more projects done 🙂


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