iPhone adventures and YoYos …

23 Sep

So my iPhone has been crazy on the fritz lately … most likely because it has been dropped a few too many times (one time is too many … but hey who hasn’t dropped their phone ever?)  but it had gotten to the point where it really didn’t function.  Fortunately for my bank account I have insurance on the phone so I just have a $50 deductible and I can get it replaced or fixed.  So thats what I spent the majority of the day doing yesterday.  I was pleasantly surprised at the fantastic customer service that I got from everyone that I talked to no matter what the company I was dealing with ( I was working with AT&T, Apple, and Country Financial)  I had to jump through about 40 thousand hoops but we finally came to the conclusion that I needed to go to the Apple store to have them look at the phone.  Oh darn the Apple store … I’m sure there isn’t anything to keep my occupied or anything to drool over in that store … ha!  If I had to choose between a shopping spree in an Apple store or a quilt shop it would be a tough decision … I honestly don’t know which I would choose if that gives you an idea about how I feel about Apple … Love them!   Anyways I digress … so last night we finally got to the Apple store at about 715 because we didn’t leave my parents till later than I had originally anticipated (but when do we ever leave on time now … really?)  Once we got there they let me know that they could replace the phone and get me all set up.  The people in that store are also quite amazing!  That is one thing about Apple … they know their stuff!  I was blown away at the things that they could do!  We got my phone all set up and all I had to do once I got home was re-sync it with my itunes and I was good to go!  The one gal that particularly made my day was Stephanie … She was officially the sweetest thing ever!  She was great with Christian which made things much smoother than him running around pulling things off the shelves!  We chatted about everything from skin care (cause she totally does not look her age!) to our move to AZ to army stuff and lots in between.  We chatted like we had known each other forever!  I’m definitely going to have to shoot her a call and get to know her better!  So we were there till about the time the store closed and we could have stayed longer talking if we didn’t want to leave, but Christian was tired and so were mommy and daddy for that matter!  So we took off on our hour plus long drive back home.  We did stop and get Sonic on the way though so that made things more tolerable.  Steven hasn’t had Sonic since he’s been home and he’s been wanting it forever so he was quite thrilled to have it!

So that was my adventures for yesterday … exciting huh?  well I dunno, but I enjoyed the day!  Today I was able to get reacquainted with my craft stuff!  I missed my sewing machine so much over the weekend that when I got home last night I went in and said hi to her and told her I missed her and would spend time with her soon!  Thats a little crazy, but I felt like I was going through withdrawal all weekend not having it with me!  So today I got back to my crafting and decided that I needed to cover a spot on one of my tote bags that I have.  It was a free bag that had a ton of random stuff in it from CEDA when Steven’s army unit came home from Iraq.  It had a big iron on thing on the pocket that I didn’t like so I decided to cover it.  One thing that I have been wanting to try is YoYos.  They always make things super fun and I bought a couple different sized YoYo makers this weekend so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try them out.  I think it turned out pretty good!

One project that I totally forgot to mention in this weekends post was that I finally finished the tying on my grandmother’s quilt that I have been working on for what seems like forever.  Really it has just been on my to do list and gets put back because I didn’t have a hard set deadline for it and I did for other things … I need to just set deadlines for myself so I don’t let things take this long to get done!  But the good thing is now all I have to trim and bind it and it is TOTALLY done!!!  Its not the cutest thing in the world, but there is a lot of sentimental value to it.  My grandmother’s grandmother made the quilt top.   Its a granny style quilt so its just a ton of random patches that don’t have any matching pattern to them what so ever.  It is totally scrappy looking, but thats the way they did it I guess and my grandma wanted me to make it to a quilt for her and so I did!

Anyways I think tomorrow I’m going to work on getting things up on my etsy shop and start my next project … who knows what all that will entail 😉  so till later stay positive … its a choice!


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