What a Weekend …

20 Sep

Well this was a good weekend … I got to spend time with family that I hadn’t seen in a LONG time … It was my Great Uncle Vaughn’s 90th birthday party (I mentioned this in my last post too) so I got to see that side of the family.  I don’t see my dad’s side of the family all that often as it is because of where they all live, but this was his extended family so we see them even more infrequently … it was a good time and I really enjoyed the time catching up with everyone.

That night I came home and was really tired so I tried to take a nap, but when I was laying down I was thinking about quilting (of course …) and a design for a fun quilt came to my mind … so needless to say the nap didn’t happen because I had to go write it down and figure out what I was going to do with it and which materials from my stash I wanted to use.  I decided that I’m going to finally part with my 2 Blush Layer Cakes and put them into a quilt … I love that fabric and hate to part with it, but whats the point in just keeping it in the cabinet?  So I ordered the rest of the fabric that I need to get the quilt made today (I had to look EVERYWHERE to find it cause its an older line and most people were sold out of it) and I’ll be getting started on it later this week 🙂  as soon as I start I’ll put up some pictures so you can see the progress 🙂

So Sunday my parents had an open house for their house that is for sale (http://wsteffen.champaign-homes.net  MLS: 2103057 address 10 Doane Dr Mansfield IL)  so we had to be out and about most of the day.  What a better thing to do than go to Jo-Anns and look around at stuff there.  I’m also going to be fixing a dress for my mom so I had a real reason to go, but I would have gone regardless 😉  So I was able to get some of the things I needed for my project I was just talking about as well as stuff to make the pencil skirt that I have been wanting to make for a while.  I also scored some super cute almost 1 yard remnant pieces of fabric that I’m going to use to make more aprons out of.  They are super cute and I look forward to getting the finished product posted as well.

We also went to BDubs for lunch yesterday so that we could watch the Bears beat Dallas so that was a fun time.  Then after we went home my sister and brother in law came over with their kids to pick up our van to use for a little bit.  They have a van, but it is having challenges so until they get it running they are going to use ours since we aren’t using it.  My two nieces are getting so stinkin big now!  Izzy and Christian played in the tub of rice and beans while we played with Addy (she’s only about 3 months old)

Well dinner is about ready so thats all I have for now … I’ll keep you updated with the new projects as I work on them!



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