apron fun

18 Sep

Well its been just a bit since my last post … sorry bout that … its been a little bit of a crazy week here in the Garcia home.  I’m actually making pretty good use of my time right now because I’m in the car with my parents (My dad is driving not me don’t worry) so instead of doing nothing I figured I would update my blog … My parents have an air card and I LOVE that I can use the internet anywhere!  We are on our way to a birthday party for my Great Uncle Vaughn.  He is turning 90 years old!!  Thats amazing!  Happy birthday Uncle Vaughn!!  We love you!

Anyways the most recent project that I have worked on is more aprons.  I put up a photo of a couple on my last post, but I made a few more and put more embellishments on them to make them more fun and cute.  My favorite one is the polka dot print

I really love the rick rack on the top and bottom hems and the pockets.  I made a couple that have more of a Christmas/Holiday flare to them as well

The last picture doesn’t show the colors too well … the rick rack is actually gold and the fabric is a more green color than is showing … I’m not sure why it looks like this, but it at least gives you the idea what it looks like.  I did make one more that didn’t have pockets because I didn’t want to have the print on print for this pattern and I didn’t have any other fabric that would match the colors, but oh well.

I was really surprised at how easy these were to make.  I’m probably going to try to make full aprons next and see how much more complicated they would be to make.  My in-laws are having a yard-sale today and these are for sale for $10 a piece.  I’m curious to see how they did.  My mother-in-law was super excited about trying to sell them (she is excited about selling anything I make which is good for me 😉 ) so I’m pretty certain that they will sell because when Esther sets her mind to something she WILL get it done.

On another fun note, I finally got my business cards in yesterday 🙂  and they are really cute!  I am going to have to make the font on them bigger next time because when I showed my dad he told me he about needed a magnifying glass to read half of the stuff on the card, but he also told me that his eyes aren’t in the greatest shape because of his age … he said it not me!  The moral of the story though is that I can finally give out my information when I meet people where before I wasn’t able to do that.

Another fun thing that I am planning on doing is making a pencil skirt for myself.  My friend was wearing the cutest skirt ever at a get together this week and I’m going to try to duplicate it (with a few changes of course) so that I can have one.  I have looked everywhere at the stores and can never seem to find one that I like or one that fits right, so I found a look that I like and I’m just going to make it myself to my own measurements.  Thats whats great about making my own clothing, I can custom make the size to fit EXACTLY how I want it to … I really wish I had a dress form that was my exact size and shape cause that would be easier than putting it on every single time I adjust something, but I’ll get over it lol … Once I get progress made on the skirt I’ll put up pics of that too!

Well I think thats about it for now … I think we are getting closer to our destination anyways.  I’ll chat with you all soon!



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