I finally have a blog!

13 Sep

Hello everyone!  I’m finally with the times and have a blog!  I’m really excited cause now i can put things up and show more of my sewing projects than I can on facebook … I am also excited about getting my name out there more so that I can make more things for more people!  I am also going to put up tutorials when I come up with custom projects or ways to do things that are easier than other ways I have learned … maybe over time I’ll even get a moda bake shop tutorial up at some point!  That would be super exciting!!!  Anyways this is just the beginning of my blogging and there will be lots of things in the near future because I have quite a bit of things that I have made recently that I haven’t put up anywhere.  I will also have stuff up here about my every day life as well as my sewing stuff so that may get interesting (my life can be kinda crazy from time to time)  I’ll try to keep lots of fresh photos on here so you can not just read but see my life as well.  Ok well thats about it for now … I have lots to work on so I’ll see you all soon!


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